Technical Information

Ansible to ease my day to day work

Brief introduction During the past year I was working for an educational institute in the Netherlands. One might think that an institute as such would make use of the latest and greatest technologies, however this was not quite the case. Hence, there was no configuration management available at all. All tasks were done […]

Red Hat Summit 2018 SF

Red Hat Summit 2018 in San Francisco is nu voorbij en het is de hoogste tijd de balans op te maken van 25ste keer dat Red Hat dit evenement voor klanten en partners organiseert. Openshift en containers waren – net als vorig jaar – één van de belangrijkste onderwerpen. Verder […]

OSBConf 2015

For the first time I went to OSBconf, an Opensource Backup Conference. Day 1 Day 1 started with a hacking workshop on the new Bareos Python plugin interface. The Python plugin interface makes it easy to hook in at many points of the backup process: manipulate filesets, do pre- and post-processing, […]

First thoughts about Ansible

Yesterday I’ve joined a workshop @IT Gilde about Ansible from Marcel Nijenhof. Ansible is an automation language next to Puppet, CFEngine etc. I will write mostly about Ansible compared to Puppet, cause that’s what I know 🙂 Ansible is easy in many ways. Installation is just a bunch of python code. Available with your favorite package […]

Best lecture nomination: Ceph

My nomination for the best lecture of the nluug spring conference 2014 is “Ceph” from “Wido den Hollander”. In this lecture Wido describes the object store Ceph. Ceph is a self replicating distributes object store which you can access through it’s own protocol. There are applications to use Ceph as: […]


Performance tuning a public mirror server Speaker: Mike Hulsman (Proxy) Abstract is a public mirror server running since the beginning of the 90’s, which currently transfers 4TB of data every day. This talk will provide some background on the service it provides. We discuss a history of the environment. […]